5 Things Most People Find Difficult to Comprehend About SEO

If you are new to SEO, you might find yourself fiddling with the magic cube. The many components of SEO and frequent changes in Google algorithm make it a complicated discipline. The best practices in SEO has never remained the same, due to the updates that are frequently brought in by search engines.

SEO Puzzle

Most SEOs might have dealt with the aftermaths of an unprecedented algorithm update by Google. To top this all, Google releases new technologies from time-to-time, which offers alternative ways to rank better, making the lives of SEOs more difficult.

Here are five things that most people find difficult to comprehend about SEO.

1. Website is not considered as a whole, but parts

SEOs do not try to rank a website. They put in efforts to rank pages within a website. If you have single page website, where the landing page is the only page on your website, then ranking a page means ranking a website. Normally, website have various segments, such as a home page, categories page, contact page, etc. For e.g., Greenlemon website has various categories such as Websites, Internet Marketing, Responsive Technology, Get In Touch and the likes; wherein some categories are more important than the others. We may be interested in ranking specific page, rather than all, in order to get the potential clients visit the website. Hence, we will try to rank those specific pages that gives required information about Greenlemon, to the potential clients.

2. Everything is not in the number of keywords optimized

It is not always important to rank for dozens of keywords, but it is important to rank for those that will get you maximum visits from potential customers. The number of keywords chosen will vary, depending on your product/service niche. If your competitors are ranking high for some of your important keywords, then you may want to improve your chances of visibility in SERPs, by adding more keywords with which a user would search for the offerings you have in store. On the other hand, the number of keywords could be limited, if ranking for few core keywords will give you the expected number of visitors to the website.

3. Different global markets can be targeted with SEO

SEO will help in ranking your website in different countries. If your target group consists of people outside your country, the website must be optimised for international visitors. How do you do this? While there are multiple methods used, the basic requirement is to have a country-coded-domain name, such as, .au for Australia, .in for India, and .fr for France. Every sub-domain can have different content or translated content that helps to connect best with the target audience.

4. There are multiple ways to be visible in Google SERPs

Ranking on top of organic search results for a keyword is not the only way to be visible in Google. Google’s knowledge graph, structured data markup, Google images, Google videos, Google news etc. are other areas where you could focus on, to rank your pages.

5. SEO has a wider frame of specialities

There are multiple specialities that make an SEO company, the best. Currently, the most important ones are technical link-building, content marketing, local SEO, and International SEO. An agency that specialises in all of these will be able to give the best SEO services to their clients.

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