6 Deadly Online Marketing Myths Debunked

Online Marketing Myths

A large portion of business owners still have some misconceptions about Internet marketing, which is holding them back from tasting online success. Read on to find the truth behind certain online marketing myths that are harmful for businesses:

Myth #1: Offering cheap price is the way to go

That may have been the case few years ago, but today, the majority of online buyers are concerned about the quality of the product you sell, more than the price. Hence it is important to brand your website well enough, to develop a trust factor among potential buyers. Your online advertisements and ad copy should focus on your brand, rather than the economy of price.

Myth #2: Our USPs keep others out of competition, so we do not need marketing

But how do people know that your product exists, and have USPs/qualities that are far better than anyone else in the market? Marketers often get confused with the term marketing; some believe that having good products will bring customers to their website, and marketing is just a redundant investment. Whereas, in reality, it is important to do marketing at least in the initial phase of to create awareness among potential online buyers.

Myth #3: Having a great looking website is the only prerequisite for online success

All the hard work you took, and the investments you made in creating a great-looking website will pay off completely, since your website is your online storefront and needs to look great to get people’s attention and trust. But, your real work starts after the lauch of your website. Creating awareness about the website, and getting people to visit it can happen only through online marketing.

Myth #4: Website traffic is all that is needed to perform well online

While website traffic is important for high search rankings, the quality of traffic is what matters the most. The traffic should be relevant to your website, i.e., the people who visit your website must spend some time on it checking out the products/services/or information, if not making an action such as buying, or subscribing. Hence, website optimization plays a major role in getting relevant traffic to your website.

Myth #5: Commercial emails? Aren’t they dead?

Many business owners and advertisers believe that emails are not going to do them any good. But the fact is, emails work much better than any other online marketing platforms, especially in the US. The number of purchases prompted by emails is three fold higher than the number of purchases through other platforms.

Myth #6: Copying competitor saves time

In fact, copying your competitor will only call for aggravated efforts. Whether it is the content, layout, or marketing ideas, merely copying them may not fetch you the same result as them, as online marketing success depends on various factors and only experts can help you with that.

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