7 Top Web Design Trends to Watch out for in 2017

It’s New Year, and new thoughts surround us. For creative web designers, it is the time to create innovative designs and to redefine the niche. During the last year, we saw numerous amazing websites populating the internet. And this year we can expect more. Here are the top web design trends that we think would dominate 2017:

1. Content will be more prominent

It has been an interesting ride for web designers over the past years, creating various elements like headers, sidebars, comments, popups, etc. This has been overdone to a point that the attention from the most important element of a website, i.e, the content,  is being deviated. The trend has started changing and in 2017, websites will have less distracting elements, with the focus being more on content.

big fonts web design trends

2. Designs that deliver VR experience

The popularity of Virtual Reality devices is expected to be more in 2017, and designers are on a mission to create more websites that deliver VR experience to users.

VR web design trends

There were significant innovations in providing device-less VR experience on websites in 2016. With games, 360 degree videos, and movie-like experiences, designers will continue striving to make the user feel that they belong to an imaginary world.

3. Use of dark background

It looks like we are done and spent with light backgrounds, which were ruling the roost during the past couple of years. Dark backgrounds are expected to be in vogue this year, and we may find many websites reversing their background colour pattern from light to dark.

web designs trends with dark background

4. Complex layouts based on design principles

While the web designs of the past years have been limited by the constraints of CSS, new tools available in the market will promote the popularity of more lively website designs. These designs will be rooted on graphic design principles such as contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. However, designers have to deal with the challenge of applying these design principles to responsive layouts.

principles of design


5. Big fonts

big website fonts

Emphasis will be on content, and hence, the chances of big, bold fonts being in trend are high. During the past year, big fonts were used to catch the attention of users, and to make strong statements. They found a place in menus, buttons as well.

6. Flat designs vs. geometric designs

Geometric lines, shapes, and patterns have started dominating websites and this is expected to continue throughout the year. With innovative use of geometric elements, websites stand apart from the run of the mill ones with flat design elements. The scope of integrating geometric designs are limitless, and hence there is a lot we can expect to see in 2017.

7. Easier navigation

Websites now focus on minimising the number of navigation to give the user a more simplified experience. With more people accessing websites via mobile phones, it has become extremely important to help users find the information they need, in minimal time.

While these are our anticipations, we are sure you may have different observations. Please feel free to share them in comments!


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