SEO Strategies: Making Them User-focused

Search Engine Optimisation helps in building visibility for your website. But what more? We often overlook the fact that SEO is great to build connections with people. Wondering how to build SEO strategies to build connections? Read on:

Understanding people

As a first step, we need to create semi-fictional personalities of our target customer, based on the insights we have gained from research and data. What are the important components that should be reflected in a persona that we create?


Understanding target audience demographics is important while developing SEO strategies. The content that a top-level manager is interested in, will be different from what a student is interested in. Deeper understanding about demographics help in developing meta tags, titles and content that adds value to people who search for the product or service from your niche. Inorder to derive the demographics, find answers to these questions:

  • What would your target persona call themselves? Would they call themselves Wife, Mom, Son, Dad, Entrepreneur, Sportsman, Musician?
  • Where do they spend most of their time? In a City, Village, Suburbs?
  • What age-group do they belong to? Children, Millenials, Adults, Senior Citizens?
  • Which industry do they belong to? Movie, Healthcare, Engineering?
  • On what level are they employed? Top-level Management, Executive, Associate?

Understand perspectives

Understanding their worldviews is the first step toward building an SEO strategy to influence the target audience. This process helps in using a language and tone that best influences them. This is how Xplane explains it:

SEO strategies

Decipher social dynamics

Try to get an insight into the audience’s’ social dynamics. Such as, people with whom they often interact, the brands that influence them, organizations or groups they belong to, the type of media that attract them, their means of entertainment, and the likes. It helps a lot in determining the channels for link building. It is always a great idea to understand where your target audience is, and to promote your online presence on related niches.

Once you have the answers for all these questions, create a persona that embodies them, and make strategies for him/her for better results.

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