5 Simple Signs of a Super-star Web Developer

web developer

What makes a web developer stand out from the rest? Here are 5 simple signs of an awesome web-developer:

1. Uses a framework

A rockstar programmer almost always use a web development framework. A framework provides a library of beautiful-looking URL’s, templates, session management, testing facilities, and so on. Framework minimises the chances of security issues, so it becomes imperative to use one.

2. Puts security first

An awesome developer must know about the various security threats, such as CSRF, SQL injection attacks, XSS, session fixation, MITM, and the likes, and should be capable to resolve these issues.

3. Documents code efficiently

According to Werner Heisenberg, “an expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.” Yes, an experienced developer will be proactive, and does their part well, by easing the future developers’ lives by making their code as easy as it can be; by describing and naming the variables and functions, and providing comments wherever required. At times when documenting codes are impossible, an expert developer would at least leave comments in the code.

4. Writes tests

An awesome developer would never presume that their code is bug free. They know that everything is not ‘okay’ if it works only after refreshing the browser tab. They know that things can go wrong in delicate and unpredicted ways. And hence, they rely on automated testing to ensure that the apps work even after multiple changes in code.

5. Sets up a web server from zero

Running a web server may not be a developer’s core area of expertise, but knowing how it works help them in debugging issues, in setting up the development environment, and in minimising hosting bills. The skill becomes a boon while administering a deployment strategy. Aren’t these reasons enough for a developer with administration skills to win an awesome badge?!

Five down! Now tell us what you think are the traits of an awesome web developer.



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