Top Academic Freelancers is one of the top-most academic freelancer sites I have come across in recent times. The site has continuous flow of orders in all season. This is the sole reason why I got attracted me to join the site. This site serves numerous college students worldwide and this is evident considering the huge orders list that flow on this site. Majority of work provided by this site include writing on custom essays, research papers, application essay writing and general English writing such as the rhetoric analysis and critique papers. It is important to note that there are several academic writing sites, but only few are able to stand-out. I can ascertain that website is a world-class academic writing site that any student or writer can trust any time and with confidence. One could argue that my sentiments are biased, but I hold much confidence because I have been working with site for over two years now and nothing has been a mess. Online reviews about the site’s reputation are another reason why I defend my stand. Students in this reviews have give their verdict and all seem to acknowledge that website has been a reliable source of academic work.

In the recent times, many companies have cropped up offering various services including writing essays for college students, undergraduates and postgraduate studies. In order to thrive in this industry, one must be able to deliver high quality work which is free from any grammatical errors. This means that the writer must be able to ensure that there is good verb agreement in the custom essay in order to achieve the required quality standards. As a professional writer in areas such as English essays,research paper writing and term papers you must ensure that your work is well punctuated. Proper references of the work is mandatory whereby you must be able to cite your sources of information in writing the paper. The references must also be well placed both in the text and also at the reference page at the end of the paper that you have been writing. The successful writers have mastered the art of originality in their work to the clients. This goes a long way in building an exceptional relationship between the writer and his clients.As a an essay writer you must be able to prioritize your work in order to be able to deliver the assignments by the due time. Lateness is an offence in custom essay writing and the writer must always work to deliver the work before due time. In the essay writing industry there are various formatting styles which must be applied as indicated in the instructions by the clients.The must adhere to the instructions of the paper and to properly format the essay as required. A proper conclusion should be included to the paper and recommendations if any.


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